31/08/15 Let’s walk a mile – for folk walking on the 3rd of September in Glasgow, Inverkeithing, Inverness and Daventry. 

Remember the website 

Organisers can find an organisers’ pack at the bottom of this page 
It has all things walkamiley attached for your own promotional bits and pieces. 
Obviously there will be instructions from local organisers – so I’ll give you some advice that has served me well in life up until now….
It’s my hope we’ll be able to link up the 5 walks through some manner of social media on the day. 
Here’s how we plan to do it…
Remember the hashtag #letswalkamile
Social media – you don’t have to be involved with social media at all – but if you choose to be, here’s what you can do…
i) Twitter and Instagram – if you have these apps on your phone you can upload pictures of your walk – if you put #letswalkamile anywhere on the message accompanying your pictures, it will magically appear on the social wall of our website – we’ll put that up on the large video screen at Dynamic Earth (in Edinburgh) at the end of the walk. 
It would be lovely too if you could let us know where you’re walking in the image if you can.
Instagram allows you to film very short videos up to 15 seconds. 
For those of you who’d rather not put your face out there, we’ll be taking feet selfies in Edinburgh – you could do the same 
ii) Periscope – this is a great phone app that allows folk to broadcast to the world. 
If you want to watch me walking down the Royal Mile with the Jamie Hepburn, the Scottish Minister for Mental health, here’s what you have to do…
Download the (free) Periscope App onto your smart/ iPhone gadget of choice (ideally before you arrive on the day) 
Follow Me on the app – my user name is #letswalkamile
The app will tell you when I start broadcasting – that should be at about 6.30pm.
If you miss it at the time of broadcast, it’ll be available for 24 hours – after that – it will vanish forever….
Social wall/ social media sharing 
We’ll gather at the bottom of the Royal Mile for a few photos and wotnot before we all wander up to Dynamic Earth for chats, refreshments and an experience of all round walkamileyness. We’ll be sharing walkamile experiences from all 5 walks on the social wall.
Finally, you can tell all your friends about #letswalkamile – keep the conversation going and encourage others to do the same. 
This is just the start of something big! 
Walk a mile

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