15/09/15 Walk a Mile Lanarkshire – it’s in our genes.


Sign up here to join the walk on 23/09/15 at 3.30pm at the rather picturesque Strathclyde park. Our focus is to get people with a lived experience of mental health problems to share a short walk and a chat with mental health professionals, carers, and supporters. 

These people often meet under stressful circumstances with the potential for stigma to be thrown about in all directions.

I’m originally from Corby, what was a primarily a steel town from the 1930’s until 1980. 
Nestling in Northamptonshire in Middle England, this groovy little town became known as ‘Little Scotland’ following an influx of…er an exodus…er a swarm of us Scots travelling down to work at the steelworks there. 

Unemployment was high in central Scotland – from Motherwell to Paisley – and, since public transport and car ownership wasn’t what it is today, a lot of folk walked the 300 plus miles to their new homes in the Midlands. 

On the way many of them received hospitality, shelter, food and water from the many English towns and villages they cascaded through.
Scratch that – they received hospitality from PEOPLE! People from whom, on paper at least, they might not expect much in the way of generosity…

But…true to the whole walkamile thing…these people were lovely.

It’s in our genes. 

We…you…me…people…are fabulous. Left to our own devices we are kind, trusting, trustworthy and good God, we’re hospitable. 

Very briefly…people aren’t migrants…they’re not even refugees…they are people…individuals who are in need. Let’s allow ourselves to show off what we do best – show empathy and understanding (that’s why we’ve got massive brains – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) so that we can love and care for each other. 

We’ve been walkamiling forever – let’s keep it going. 

As #letswalkamile Lanarkshire will show, it’s as natural as a hug. 
As #letswalkamile Edinburgh and Inverness have already shown people from different walks (see what I did there?) of life, once their labels have been removed, are more than happy to share their experiences of what it’s like to be them. 

Take a look at some of the pictures and general social sharing here to get a flavour of it all. 

This isn’t rocket science. This is simply about getting folk, who don’t normally share a social space, to have a ramble and a blether. 

Remember to sign up here

Let’s keep the momentum going.

Walk a Mile


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