23/09/15 Be careful who you climb into bed with. 


Ok, it’s a fair cop. I’ll hold up my hands – I shared the picture above and laughed to the point of near incontinence at the veritable landslide of #piggate pics careering around social media world. 
For those of you who are unaware of what I’m rambling on about – David Cameron’s unauthorised autobiography’s being serialised in the Daily Mail. 

Penned by Michael Ashcroft, the enthusiastic Tory doner, Lord Wotnot of Thingumy, non-dom billionaire (Belizian, if you don’t mind) and ex friend of our…yes, our Prime Minister. 

More on that later…

In this…let’s call it taudry…piece, Lord Wotsisface recounts a story where an undergraduate ‘Call me Dave’ had Monica Lewinsky-esque relations with the head of a dead pig. 

Hilarious and too disgusting to imagine – I’m sure you’ll agree. 

As the rumour machine would have us believe, this is payback for the Prime Minister not rewarding Lord Do-dad’s generous donations to the Tory coffers with some manner of puffed up position of importance in the establishment.

Our down, but not out, leader came back with this rapier riposte…following an injection from his doctor, who delivered said barb with the statement, 

“This will just be a little prick, just a stab in the back.”

How we laughed when Dave delivered the punchline, 

“… that ‘rather summed up my day.”

Imagine you’re a teacher and you’re dealing with 2 naughty 8 year old boys in your class passing messages to their friends and spreading nasty little rumours about each other…

Puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

This is just the ‘I’ve/ my Daddy/ Mummy’s got a hedge fund version of that. 

The dismally depressing thing about this miserable exchange is that this is the elected (ish – that’s up for debate) leader of our country passing notes under the table. 

The truly miserable thing for me though is…


And yet I allowed myself to be pulled into this maelstrom because it was about someone I don’t like…er, but have never met.

To help me fan those flames of self admonition, I realised 


And, I’m guessing, you’re not much different from me. 

I’ve always struggled with the anti-immigrant –

anti-Muslim – 

and benefit bashing bollocks
from this mean little newspaper. 

This, to my mind, is slightly scary because it feels like ‘Don’t call me Mike’ twinned with the Daily (hate) Mail are saying,

‘We’re bigger than you…’

And, just in case they’re not, 

‘We’ve got photos to prove it!’

Just because they’ve pointed their vitriol in the direction of a target you’d like to see hit, don’t be fooled.

The enemy of your enemy isn’t your friend. 

I, you, we are bigger than that. 

And, at any rate, they’ll be more than happy to point their Bazooka of Bollocks at you some time soon.

Yes, I’m a hypocrite. 

Bloody funny though.

Walk a mile


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