11/06/16 Walk a Mile Inverness

Well, it was a day with a number of firsts. 

This was the first walk a mile event where it rained…somewhat pathetically and, to be honest, a bit lack lustre, but, it was precipitation nonetheless.

And thank goodness – the heat in Scotland’s gateway to the highlands was fierce…er…

Another first – the lovely Ella walked the first virtual mile with brand new Walkamiler, Alan, a guy who couldn’t make it on the day, using a new fandangled thing called ‘a mobile phone’. 

As I bobbed around talking to a variety of folk, I vaguely noticed that she was dropping behind – but…well…you know…she’d be fine. 

Until she got lost. 

Another first for Walkamile. 

She answers to ‘Ella’ and you can gain her trust with cake…

Thankfully there was no need for a widespread search – policeman Alan managed to retrieve her to reconcile her with the rest of the herd. 

And what a herd it was.


Nearly a million years ago, give or take, this lovely family welcomed me in as one of their own when I trudged into town into the teeth of a torrential downpour that they referred to as, ‘A spot of rain’
Darth 1, my trusty rucksack, had bitten the dust under the strain of excessive supernoodles and the Fergies, who’d been following the sacred ramble on Facebook, took care of me.

And here they were again. Old friends, picking up where we’d left off. 

That’s what Walkamile is all about. 

Going back to firsts – this was the first walk a virtual mile. Ella linked up with Alan –  by phone (Skype and FaceTime are available too) to walk that Inverness mile with him. 

I think it was the combination of this – and the fact that she suffers from ADOS (attention deficit OOOH SHINY!) – that led to her losing the rest of us. 

This was a walk set up by Paulina Duncan of Birchwood Highland.– supported by SeeMe and me – and that’s something we’re keen to develop. 

You – yes you – I can’t see anyone else here – can set up your own event. 

 I mean…getting a bunch of folk from all walks of life (see what I did there?) to walk a mile in each other’s shoes – we can provide training – and other support with a sign up page on the sacred website and an organisers pack – take a look here.

You’re never alone. 

Other highlights for me included (finally) meeting up with Mairi Ross Grey, the sister of the lovely Teen who I stayed with on the Black Isle almost a million years ago, and her family. And what a delightful, smiling bunch they were. 

And, in true walk a mile meets 6 degrees of separation stylie, she introduced me to pharmacist come member of the Scottish Parliament, Maree Todd, who’s shaping up to be a rather great advocate of the mental health movement – 

if you haven’t heard her second speech at Holyrood, speaking about the great opportunities that lay ahead of Scottish Government in respect of disability benefits, I urge you to take a look here.

I certainly felt a glow of optimism after meeting her. 

We also got to meet the lovely Natasha – a big fan of the walk a mile gig – who’s really immersed herself in our campaign. 

And that’s really what it’s all about…

People are fabulous…fabulous…fabulous and good God, how lucky am I? 

There are 2 more events coming up this year – one at the Royal Ed in August and one in Galashiels in September – I’ll keep you posted. 

Walk a mile


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