24/06/16 It’s hug a Brexiter day!

On reflection, perhaps it wasn’t the best way to run a campaign to imply…ok, to state implicitly…that 50%…oops, slightly more than 50% of people in the UK were either thick or racist…probably both. 

£240 billion. Give or take – that’s a huge amount of money. That’s how much has fallen off the value of the pound as it drops by 9% today.

£200 billion. Give or take – that too is a huge amount of money. That’s the amount that’s been lost in UK shares today. 

Together, that’s er…nearly four times the entire cost of the NHS. 

Mark Carney – the governor of the Bank of England – has spoken of challenging times ahead. Although his tone was upbeat on radio 4 this morning, I couldn’t help but hear an underlying flavour of, ‘I’ve bought a one way ticket back to Canada…I think I might have left the gas on…’ 

This has been a rather elaborate coup. 
From where I’m sitting, it would appear that many Brexiters felt they were voting for a more representative Government – politicians who are more like us, and not like…

I think the tragedy of this is that we’ve – yes, we’ve been played. We’ll have a significant change in government without an election. Our multi millionaire Prime Minister will be ousted in October by a guy who attended the same school, another multi millionaire…a man of the people er…for the people…? …and a cabinet of the same…? 

Thank goodness…

Although this all may be earth shattering – it’s nothing compared to the blunt wedge that has been used to divide us – you…me, friends, family, communities…everyone we know.

 This hasn’t been a friendly campaign. By voting differently, we’ve been encouraged to believe that the ‘others’ aren’t just opposites in an argument – but that they are figures of fun, depersonalised, and, at times, objects of hate. 

The dominos are beginning to fall. 

The United Kingdom will have to remove the word ‘united’ from it’s name as the Northern Irish and Scottish governments come to realise they’ve been given a mandate to separate from Westminster, both countries having overwhelmingly voted to remain in Europe. 

This isn’t the last referendum we’ll see…

So, as various flavours of shit hit the fan, who are we going to blame? 

Having battened down the hatches and taken control of this sceptred (sceptic?) isle, at what point will we stop blaming immigrants and those malingering benefit claimants on our situation? 

Who will we blame then? Who’ll be the next target of our vitriol? Perhaps we’ll continue building our walls – actual and philosophical…


This might feel slightly out of keeping of the rest of the blog, but now is the time to hug a Brexiter…to reach out…to put our greatly exaggerated differences aside…to embrace our often ignored similarities…to remember that people are fabulous. 

You’ll know by now that I’ve done the research. 

I’m right. 

Don’t let that blunt wedge divide us. 

Walk a mile


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2 Responses to 24/06/16 It’s hug a Brexiter day!

  1. Brian Dunn says:

    You were played by your own side. it was the stay campaign that; highlighted immigrants and racial divide, hate and fear spent £9million more campaigning . If you stopped to think for a moment instead of smearing us as racists It is about the EU institution and it’s various issues.

    TTIP have you done your research into this? What are your thoughts and comments ?
    Have you done research into the EU commission? who was it’s first head ? how does it pick it’s commissioners?
    Have you done research into Angela Merkel and how she can make EU policy?
    Why would anybody vote for TTIP ? It strips away human rights , workers rights and any semblance of democracy.
    Why would you vote for anything a Rothschild would want? how many deaths have they been responsible for ? 200+million plus, correct me if i am wrong. Yeah I would like to stop the flow of refugees, not by hording them up in holding pens like animals or allow them to drown or ship them off to turkey. I would like to stop them by stop bombing their country, stop supporting isis, Arabia, the USA and Israel. how much shares were wiped off at the end of the day?

    • Hi Brian – thanks for the comment – I’m not entirely sure that you’ve read it in the way that I’d intended to deliver it.

      Stopped to think for a moment…smearing all as racists…? Hopefully you can go back to the start of my blog & read that calling folk names just because they disagreed with me wasn’t a great idea.

      This is a blog about conciliation – about remembering that our fellow people are fabulous – that we have more similarities than differences. I think we’re in agreement about TTIP – and about the obscenity of young men (in the main) from usually working class families being sent off to fight old men’s wars – to keep the rich – rich.

      But this wasn’t about any of that really – it was about people on an individual basis – from every walk of life & how they have demonstrated that (in my experience anyway) kindness, humanity and hospitality win through.

      If you feel the urge to read more – this is what I’m about https://walkamileinmyshoesuk.wordpress.com/about/

      I think we’re agreed about the flow of migrants and the reason behind it too.

      Anyway – thanks again for reading/ posting. Cheers for now, Chris

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