10/10/16 We’re a SCIO!!!!

Sorry, you’re a WHAT now? SCIO – isn’t that a yogurt? 

We’re a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation – take a look at what that is here

I think I liked the yogurt better…
After months of hard work, we’re now registered with OSCR, the Scottish Charity Regulator – take a look here

Walk a Mile in My Shoes is currently made up of 8 trustees with a great breadth and depth of knowledge of mental health and all things charity, and me.

For the uninitiated, walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile, WAM is a community, a social movement, of like minded folk, gathered together with the primary aim to break down mental health stigma. 

It started with my walk around the edge of the UK – symbolic because that’s where people with mental health problems often find themselves – on the periphery of the mainstream…

I was motivated in my endeavour after reading ‘No destination’ by Satish Kumar, a Jain monk who went on a peace march in the ’60’s – with no money, to ensure he had the motivation to engage with folk at the end of each day, rather than putting his feet up in a variety of deluxe hotels around the world, congratulating himself on dodging the great unwashed. 

I thought if this wonderful man could walk from India into Pakistan while the two countries were at war, expecting and receiving hospitality as he went, surely I could enjoy the same reception as I walked around our lovely island.

It has been a wonderful, life affirming, experience. People – as expected – have been fabulous. 

Imagine telling folk that you’ve got a mental health problem and no money and their first reaction is to offer you hospitality. 

That’s walk a mile. 

In 2015 we started work with fine people at SeeMe Scotland with the goal of somehow distilling the success of the coastal walk in a series of events. 

Over 1300 people from different walks of life – people with a lived experience of mental ill health, carers, friends, mental health professionals and any interested parties – have gathered together over the year, walking in pairs – 

Challenging Mental Health Stigma, One Conversation at a Time

-as they literally walked a mile in each other’s shoes. 

We’ve had 15 events around Scotland so far – take a look here to get a flavour of the ongoing success of this rather lovely campaign.

Our next event is in Lanark on Saturday 15th of October- you can sign up to be part of that here

If you can’t make it Lanark, you can arrange your own event – you can be part of our ever growing campaign and we’ll support you through every step of the process. 

Take a look here for details 

We provide tailor made training too, to ensure that everyone gets the most out of walking a mile in each other’s shoes. 

The Walk a Mile in My Shoes film, by Scottish BAFTA award winning Johanna Wagner, will be premiered at the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (SMHAFF) at the Glad Cafe in Glasgow on Monday the 17th of October.

The film charts my journey around the coast and explores the impact of my mental health problems on this rather lovely endeavour.

This is the 10th anniversary of SMHAFF, you can book your free tickets for our film here

So, when someone asks you ‘Just what is Walk a Mile in My Shoes you can tell them…

It’s a coastal walk, it’s a series of events around the country, it’s bespoke training and it’s a film. 

All in the name of Challenging Mental Health Stigma. One Conversation at a Time. 

And now we’re a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with the benefit of an infrastructure, a team of knowledgeable, experienced and passionate folk who will enable us to take our campaign even further. 

So join up, sign up, arrange a walk, talk with us, walk with us…

Like our new (ish) Facebook page here

You can follow us (along with nearly 20 thousand others) on Twitter @walkamileuk

Walk a mile in my shoes 


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