22/03/17 From Blog to Vlog

Yes, I know it’s been a while – I’ve been going through a period of er…quiet reflection.

As you may, or may not, know – Walk a Mile in My Shoes is going through a period of change – of development…

In September last year we became a charity, or, to put it more precisely, a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation – we’re a SCIO.

This allows us – me and our 9 trustees – to build a solid infrastructure so we can do more WaM type stuff – or, more to the point – in more places. 

Ah, but look at me…it’s like I’ve never been away – I’m already digressing…

From blog to vlog.

For the uninitiated – a vlog is a video blog. It’s like a blog, but you have the joy of seeing my smiling face. 

What’s not to like? 

Having received a funky tripod thing and a lapel microphone for my birthday – yes 52 – thank you, yes, I appreciate I look a great deal older, but it was useful in my teens when buying alcohol for me and my under age friends…

Anyway – tripod – microphone – FOCUS!!!

With my lovely new equipment I’ve tried vlogging – both live and recorded – using the fancy dan world of the interweb available to me and my iPhone.

I tried periscope – essentially that’s live broadcasting straight to Twitter – I know, it sounds like black magic – but take a look at my introduction to WaM here

I also tried out live broadcasting on Facebook – my first effort could be best described as, er, sideways

Or, for folk a bit more traditional in their outlook, I also recorded a video on YouTube

For those of you who’ve been with me throughout this rather wonderful journey over the past few years, you’ll probably appreciate an immediate pitfall…

As part of my mental malady, I still find it particularly difficult to look in a mirror. Filming with my smiling face gazing back at me is a lot like for me. Thankfully, the image is small and, with the years my eyesight has deteriorated – so all I really see is a bit of a blob…

Thank you – you’re hilarious – none taken…

The other weird thing for me is, unlike when I’m speaking to an audience, I don’t get that immediate feedback, that little bit of eye contact, the half smile, or that expression that says, ‘What on earth are you talking about?’

But I’ll persevere. 

I like the idea of vlogs – not least because I’ve been advised that your average internet punter doesn’t like to scroll down the page to read stuff…

In which case, I’m buggered. I appreciate I’m probably talking to myself here…

But YOU’RE still here – and that’s all that matters. You were always my favourite…

While you’re here, I’d like to ask you a few questions – I’d love to hear your opinion on a few things.

I’m not about to replace the world of the blog with the vlog – I’m going to merrily continue with both…

So, regarding the vlog. 

1) Which is best? Live or recorded? 
Having asked that, I realise that my live broadcasts have been recorded – so I’m not entirely sure how redundant a question that is…

2) If I’m broadcasting live – is it best to tell the virtual world WHEN I’m scheduled to broadcast?

Then folk can er…tune in as it happens.
Bearing in mind I can’t see any live comments people make as I happily bowl along due to the small screen and less good eyesight combo.

3) Or do I just stick with recording and editing (yeah right!) on the YouTube? 
Then folk can watch – or not – at their leisure.

Or do I bang on with all 3? I guess that’ll be useful for me because I need the practice. 

I don’t feel the inclination to stick with YouTube alone – what with my 6 subscribers and 42 views, I don’t think that’s about to change the world. 

I did indulge myself in exploring how to get some money through YouTube – I don’t think I’ll be retiring on the proceeds just yet. 

In short – any thoughts are welcome.

I do feel slightly like Neanderthal man discovering fire at the moment. 

Yes, it was lovely to see you too – it won’t be so long next time.

Walk a Mile


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1 Response to 22/03/17 From Blog to Vlog

  1. Clare says:

    Hi Chris, vlogging is in the in thing these days and I think it’s a great idea. Vlogging or going live at a scheduled time allows people to tune in at the time you’re on, although more people will watch a recording than listening in live. Depending on your purpose and the content, they can be short or long. Start small and you will grow your followers – especially if you use social media and YouTube to grow your message. Clare

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