17/05/17 I love Tories!!!

Who the…? How the…? What the…?
You know, you can be quite eloquent when you put your mind to it…

No, I haven’t changed. I’m still the same old left of left leaning idealist who thinks that people are fabulous. 

They are! You’ll just have to trust me. 

Remember, I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. But please, feel free to get out there and talk to folk…

On my ramble I’ve met lefties, righties, Liberal Democrats, Conservative voters, labour voters, Corbynistas and UKIPPERS… I’ve met Brexiteers and folk who would much rather we remained in Europe. I’ve met Scottish Nationalists who think we’d be better off separate and others who have offered anything and everything in between. 

The similarities I’ve found with these representatives from all of these walks of life – people I’ve actually met so I can comment on – is that when they were presented with a wandering lunatic, with no money, their first thought was…

‘How can I help?’

‘Let’s talk…’


‘Here’s my story…’

The only difference between me and many of these people was that we voted differently. 

And that’s all. 

I lean and vote to the left because of what I believe, what I know, what I believe I know and what I feel. 

I don’t think I’m different from anyone else. 

That said…

When I meet people who vote differently from me, especially those on the right, I find it nearly impossible to fathom why they – why you – why we would do so.

Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve watched as heinous policy after heinous policy has been passed – destroying the lives of people in poverty, vulnerable people, people with disabilities, people with mental health problems – vulnerable people, time and time again. 

Does that make the people who vote for the government evil, or equally heinous? 
Does that make the MP’s behind these policies the sons and daughters of Satan? 

Hold that thought. 

Here are the reasons why I wouldn’t consider voting Conservative at the upcoming election. 

Please take a look and tell me your thoughts whether you think I’m right or wrong. 

Over the last few years we’ve seen a continued and sustained attack on the poor and vulnerable. 

Benefit claimants have been pilloried as skivers and scroungers – we’ve seen the introduction of the bedroom tax that’s actively discriminated against people with a disability who require overnight support or who, for whatever reason, can’t sleep with their partners. 

We have a media that’s manufactured a belief that people claiming disability benefits do so fraudulently – when that figure is around 0.5%.

We allow landlords to discriminate against people with disabilities and mental health problems by advertising their properties whilst declaring the timeless legend, ‘No DSS/ DWP/ Benefits Claimants’ 

We’ve put caps on housing benefit – a benefit that’s claimed by more working people than unemployed. We forget and/ or ignore that, at the same time missing the fact that this money goes to landlords and not the benefit claimant. 


We’ve seen legal aid being cut to the bone, to the point where fewer and fewer people have recourse to justice for fewer and fewer reasons. 

Is it ok to have a legal system that excludes the poor? 

We’ve all stood and watched as the Independent Living Fund has closed. This was a fund that was set up to supplement the input of social work and social services – money that focused on ensuring that people with disabilities and/ or mental health problems live as independent lives as possible. 

Remploy – an organisation set up to support the same folk to find a way into employment has all but ceased to be. 

Bearing in mind that, while 80% of people with a mental health problem want to be in employment, the actual figure is closer to 13%. How much is that costing us financially, morally and economically? 

Overall, I understand the NHS is £12 billion in arrears. We hear that private organisations, such as Virgin Care, are keen to buy up the predictable, steady income bits of our health service, while the scrappy, unpredictable bits will be left to us. 

I regularly speak with people who say we can’t afford the NHS. 

On reflection I’m not sure I know what they…you mean by that.

It feels like they – you’re – saying that you think this cost should be met by…who…? 
Not you…not the taxpayer…but folk with illnesses, long and short term…?

At the same time failing to imagine you will never be the recipient of those services…? 

You might have private healthcare…so you’re fine…? Unless, of course, you have a pre-existing condition…so we’ll need some semblance of the NHS to pick up those pieces? 

Because the privatised model has worked so well in the States – the country where more is spent per head of population than anywhere else in the world, while millions have little access to that healthcare that we take for granted…hasn’t it? 

We can’t afford it? Is there any less money in the country? 

Well, the Times rich list tells us that the richest 100 folk and families in the U.K. increased their wealth last year by £53 billion.

Hmmm…strokes chin thoughtfully…

NHS in £12 billion arrears…wealth increased by £53 billion…?

What is it exactly we can’t afford? 

We have privatised rail services that are costing us, the state, the taxpayer…whoever you consider ‘we’ to be, more than when they were previously nationalised. It does beg the question…


And…probably on a daily basis…I’m struck with the wonderful irony that the money from our rail services are going to the French and German governments. 

Feel free to apply the same points to our merrily profiteering energy companies…


But if we vote labour they’ll blow the bank just like they did before….!

Er…have you forgotten ITWASTHEBANKERS!!!!!!?

But Corbyn is a Trotsky…!

Ok, I’m a loony lefty – and MY knowledge of Leon Trotsky is limited to that line in ‘No More Heroes’ by the Stranglers where they ask, ‘Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? He got an Ice Pick that made his ears burn!’

Where’s your point of reference? 

But we’re ‘Strong and Stable’ with the Conservatives – the same Conservatives who have nearly tripled the national debt, whilst squashing folk under the banner of austerity. Something Labour with all their frivolous nationalising ways have never got anywhere near to. 

Perhaps Margaret Thatcher was right when she said there’s no such thing as society? 

I’ll give you a clue here 


Let me take you back to the beginning here. 

The people of the UK are kind, generous, hospitable, caring and empathetic. We’re hard wired to socite (this is a verb I’ve made up to describe the human need to gather together in society) 

So I’m fabulous – you’re fabulous – we’re fabulous…

I still can’t fathom why you’d vote Conservative though.

I’m not going to call you stupid, bigoted, hateful, ignorant or racist should you choose to vote differently from me though. Especially since, the last time I looked, throwing insults at folk has never endeared me to anyone in the past, nor has it got them to reconsider their position on…er…well ANYTHING really…

I still love Tories.

Walk a Mile


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4 Responses to 17/05/17 I love Tories!!!

  1. steffc3 says:

    I love this post so much!

  2. Jude Hay says:

    Amazing insightfulness Chris from a voter who would NEVER vote Tory for those very reasons x

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