13/09/18 Man Up Snowflake!!


Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the U.K.

Suicides in all young people aged between 10 and 19 have doubled in London since 2013.

That increase has been 25% across the rest of the country.

In a world where we’re constantly telling our younger folk to

‘MAN UP!’,

one of the biggest problems for your day to day mental health campaigner is,

‘How do we engage with your average folk in the street?’

We hold campaigns and walks and runs and underwater pig wrestling (I might have made the last one up) events across mainstream and social media – where thousands of folk – usually the same people – get involved and make a noise.

How do we get the bazillion other people in the U.K. to get involved in the conversation?

I watched the footballer, Marvin Sordell talking about his experience of depression on the BBC’s Victoria programme this morning.

Every weekend we have millions of folk, men and women, boys and girls, getting behind their favourite teams.


In the U.K., one person takes their own life every 90 minutes.

It’s time we marked those deaths – treating them with the same anger, sadness and indignation we reserve for murder and terrorism – in a way that grabs the attention of everyone.

#OneEmptySeat combined with one minute’s silence at EVERY FOOTBALL MATCH would begin to focus the minds of millions.

We can and we will change this.

Walk a Mile


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