28/10/18 #DoctorsAreDickheads

Ok, I’ll just read that again


Not #SomeDoctorsAreDickheads

The implication being….?


Do you know, one of the things I love about attracting a diagnosis of #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder is when I’m told that people in the same boat as me are manipulative…dishonest…attention seeking…drama queens…

When I have the audacity to say, ‘Hey, wait a cotton-pickin’ minute…’ folk will tell me, with a straight face, ‘We’re not talking about you…it’s the others who are the problem…’

That’s alright then…by which I mean,


Meanwhile, back at the hashtag…


It scans well…it’s got a kind of alliterative rhythm to it, hasn’t it?

And that’s where, in my opinion, it’s merits end.

Whoever came up with this has created a false dichotomy – a weird world where doctors aren’t patients. The real world isn’t that convenient though – where your average physician has a higher rate of suicide ( 4x as many if you’re a female doctor) than the your average folk in the street.

There seems to be a consensus here that doctors are impervious to insults – er…I’d love to see the data that supports that…

….that somehow their perceived privilege protects them against this barrage of discrimination – for that’s what it is when you pile a whole group of people together, holding them responsible for the misdeeds of some of their peers – that somehow they don’t feel it…

Whatever happened to separating the person from their actions? In this case a doctor’s deeds might warrant the label ‘Dickish’, ‘shite’, or ‘ludicrous’…

I’ve had doctors that have done and/ or said things that have been damaging to me…

Probably the worst is lumbering me with the label ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ an insult awarded to me as a result of childhood abuse…with no acknowledgement of trauma…would it really kill them to call this clutch of symptoms, ‘Complex post traumatic Stress syndrome’ or something similar…?

I’ve had a psychiatrist that’s told me to keep away from a peer support group of people with the same cluster of symptoms as me, declaring I must keep away from them because, ‘these are very sick people!’ ; I’ve had more than one GP suggesting that I turn to God!?

Dickheads? Well, no…ill thought out, potentially damaging, embarrassing behaviour…

I’ve had a psychotherapist who told me my self harm wasn’t, ‘…terribly bright…’

I’ve got to admit he found himself careering very close to the heady title of Cockwomble…but even he helped a little in my head management. I wouldn’t consider the word, ‘Recovery’ since it’s been ambushed by the Department of Work and Pensions in an ‘Arbeit Mach Frei’ stylie. Take a look at Recovery in the Bin’s ‘Unrecovery Star’ that challenges the mainstream rhetoric really well.

I digress…

What do folk want to achieve with the #DoctorsAreDickheads hashtag?

If we’re hoping to affect change, I can’t say calling folk dickheads is a great way to do it.

Is it meant to raise awareness – as some kind of educational tool? Are we hoping that doctors will suddenly reach some kind of enlightenment by calling them names?

Some might argue that less powerful folk can’t discriminate against more, seemingly powerful, privileged (there’s that word again) people. For me, that argument fails – as soon as you lump everyone in a group together – tarring them with the same, convenient, on the surface, hateful brush, then that’s prejudice.

The hashtag seems to ignore too the fucking car crash that the NHS is becoming because of swingeing cuts…

I’m not about to be an apologist for shit behaviour – but if you squeeze people enough, then they’re going to start acting strangely.

Where’s the acknowledgment that health professionals are working in increasingly impossible environments?

Am I somehow empowered by the #DoctorsAreDickheads campaign?

Well, no. I’m sure rallying a group of people against a common enemy can galvanise solidarity. But to what end?

This is my opinion. I might be wrong – I’ve been wrong in the past – but this twitter rumble isn’t the way I see the world.

The situation is shit. But as professionals and punters we really are all in this together. I think our collective voices would have a greater impact…but hey, that’s me.

This doesn’t prevent us from calling out bad practice – surely engagement will always be more effective than name calling?

Walk a Mile


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