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24/06/16 It’s hug a Brexiter day!

On reflection, perhaps it wasn’t the best way to run a campaign to imply…ok, to state implicitly…that 50%…oops, slightly more than 50% of people in the UK were either thick or racist…probably both.  £240 billion. Give or take – that’s … Continue reading

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25/07/14 Only 10% of the NHS Budget is Spent on mental health services – a letter to MP’s

What can I do to help? I am, what could be best described as, a mental health campaigner. I am currently walking around the edge of the UK to highlight the experiences of people with a mental health problem, who … Continue reading

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25/06/12 So you want to talk? Lets talk…

Imagine, for me, your average 18-25 year old…. Ok, let’s narrow this down a little – let’s imagine the unemployed part of this group. It shouldn’t be too difficult – this group accounts for roughly 1 in 4 of our … Continue reading

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